Intex WMA62 Fully Automatic Washing Machine with 6 Kg Capacity

WMA62 Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Pulsator & Zero Water Pressure Feature

Waterfall Flow
Steals The Show

The Pulsator helps the water and detergent to go through fabric efficiently while the Waterfall flow injected from under the Pulsator cascades with full flow enabling effective washing for heavy clothes like jeans and blankets.

Get a supreme wash even when the incoming water pressure is extremely low with Zero Water Pressure feature

WMA62 Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Child Lock Function

Washing With Smiles

Go worry free of your little one's safety while playing near the automatic washing machine, preventing any accidents with Child Lock Function.

With 12 wash program that allows different washing for different fabrics, washing is convenient for sure!

Washing At Your Ease

Start washing whenever you want! Set the delay start time from 1 hour to 24 hours separately. After the time you set runs out, the washing machine will start to work with the set program.

With intelligent Auto Restart feature, power is turned on automatically after a power cut.

Save water in the last rinse cycle, collect it in a bucket and re-use it for other purposes like floor cleaning, gardening etc.

Bring Home The Magic

Keep the lint away! The unique magic filter captures the lint inside the tub to provide supreme cleaning and brighter clothes

Intex WMA62 Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Unique Magic Filter

A Healthy Washing For Your Clothes

Get deep-clean results with minimal washing damage without compromising on the performance with Stainless Steel Drum.

Stainless Steel Drum has a very specific design in which cloths will not come in direct contact with holes edges rather it will move through a smooth curve surface , which results in damage free washing and keeps your clothes as new as ever.

Get home the magic of washing with the all new Intex WMA62 Fully Automatic Washing Machine. With efficient waterfall flow and Pulsator, wash heavy clothes like jeans and blankets with ease.

Make washing easy with features that let you delay the start time from 1 to 24 hours separately and switches the power on after a power failure. There is no stopping your little one from roaming around freely with Child Lock Function that protects your children from being accidently hurt.

The unique magic filter in WMA62 Fully Automatic Washing Machine keeps your clothes bright as new by keeping away the lint and providing supreme cleaning!

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