Intex WMFT65WH Washing Machine

Intex WMFT65WH Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Every Fabric Needs
Your Attention

When every fabric’s texture is different then why should the washing program be same? Enjoy 6 wash program which allows you to choose the right washing technique for all the fabrics.

Intex WMFT65WH Fabric Washing Machine

Powerful Washing Made Easy

Convenient and powerful washing on the go. With a uniquely structured pulsator, which generates dynamic and multi-directional water flow, remove stains efficiently. Unique dual magic filter ensures your clothes are dirt free and happy!

Intex WMFT65WH with Unique Dual Magic Filter

Softness That Stays

We love the softness of our new clothes. How about keeping it intact even after multiple wash? The Stainless Steel Drum with curve holes ensures that the softness of your clothes stay for long.

WMFT65WH Stainless Steel Drum Washing Machine

Low Water Pressure?
No Problem!

Don’t let water pressure come between you and your comfort. The smart washing machine works fine even when the incoming pressure is extremely low.

Intex WMFT65WH with Low Water Pressure

An Elegant Addition To Your Home

PCM Metal Body, Toughened Glass Lid, Contemporary design and Elegant LED Display, the washing machine is the perfect combination of toughness and looks.

Intex WMFT65WH with Elegent LED Display

Gift yourself with a powerful washing. Introducing the new WMFT65WH Washing Machine, that takes care of your clothes perfectly! A unique pulsator generates dynamic and multi-directional water flow, remove stains efficiently along with dual magic filter that ensures dirt free washing. 6 wash program helps you choose the perfect washing mode for different kinds of fabric. Stainless steel drum with curve holes ensures that the softness of your clothes stays for long. Low water pressure is not a problem anymore. The washing machine works perfectly fine even when the pressure is low. Get home the WMFT65WH Washing Machine with PCM Metal body, Contemporary design and an elegant LED Display. A perfect combination of powerful washing and good looks.

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