Intex WMSA85 Activdry Series Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Recreate the Magic of Washing

Does drying your clothes depend on the weather outside? Give up the old ways! The Active Dryer helps you dry the clothes within no time. Bring home a change.

Intex WMSA85 Activdry Series with Active Dryer

The Goodness of Washing

Experience washing with a difference. The Unique Pulsator facilitates a dynamic multi-directional washing and also helps formation of multiple small bubbles which penetrate deep inside the fabric to give a refreshing washing.

Let the Goodness Flow

Using the best detergent is not enough. Ensuring that it dissolves well enhances the quality of the wash. The Water Fall technology in the washing machine helps better dissolution of the detergent and helps in a better rinsing process to give your clothes a shine like never before.

Washing With Care

Give those delicate yet difficult to wash collars and cuffs a time out! With a Wash Basket, pre-wash the delicates or heavily soiled fabrics to ensure a spot-free cleaning!

Intex WMSA85 Activdry Series with Wash Basket

Designed to Match your Style

Featuring an elegant and beautiful design this washing machine is all that you need. It comes in two attractive colors of blue and red.

Revamp the way you wash clothes. Introducing the all new Intex WMSA85 Semi-Automatic Washing machine, for a flawless washing experience. Dry your clothes to perfection, regardless of the weather conditions outside. The Active Dryer spins faster than the usual dryers and ensure drying up to 30-40% faster. The Unique Pulsator facilitates multi-directional washing and formation of multiple small bubbles that penetrate deep inside the fabric and provides a complete wash. Another feather in the cap is the Water Fall technology which enhances the dissolution of the detergent better along with better rinsing process. Collars, cuffs and heavily soiled clothes giving you a tough time? Let the Wash Basket help you out. Pre-wash the delicates or heavily soiled fabrics for a spot-free cleaning. So what are you waiting for? Get home the WMSA85 Semi-Automatic Washing machine today!

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