Semi Automatic Washing Machine


When Bubbles Work Magic

Capacity 7.2kg

Intex WM SA72 DR Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Say Hello To
Happy Clothes

Enjoy the power of three wash program that makes sure all your clothes are as good as new every time.

Wash Your Way Out

To provide complete care for your clothes, the Washing Machine is equipped with Single Water Inlet and Net Filter that makes sure it separates the stains but not the shine.

Intex WM SA72 DR Semi-Automatic Washing Machine with Air Dry Function

Bid Adieu To
Tough Drying

Give up on the conventional ways of drying clothes with the Semi-Automatic machine that boasts an Air Dry function which makes drying easier and faster.

Looks That Add To The Elegance

A Washing Machine that washes amazing and looks amazing. Go gaga over the soothing looks with Transparent Lid, Rust Free Body and Elegant Design. Pick yours in Dark Red or Dark Blue.

Intex WM SA72 DR Semi-Automatic Washing Machine with Elegant Design

Get the power of supreme washing with Intex WM SA72 DR Semi-Automatic Washing Machine. With features like Three Wash Program, Auto Soak Funtion, Single Water Inlet and Net Filter, the washing is even more efficient and enhances the shine of the clothes.

Give up on the tiring task of drying the clothes in conventional way. With an Air Dryer the task is easier, faster and better.

Elegant Design with Rust Free Body along with a Transparent Lid adds on to the list of reasons to get home the new WM SA72 DR Washing Machine. Choose from colors: Dark Blue or Dark Red, whichever suits your home the best!

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