Intex's All-New Speaker Range

This is an announcement! All music lovers, audiophiles, and party people commence!


Get ready to crank up the volume because we are about to blow you away with the ALL-NEW SPEAKER RANGE! We're talking about everything from the king of portability trolley speakers to powerful tower speakers and sleek soundbars to elevate your entertainment experience.


Brace Yourselves for Audio Nirvana


Tower Speakers: The Towering Titans

Imagine being transported to the heart of a concert with a room-filling sound that puts you right in the action. That's the magic of Intex's tower speakers, the undisputed champions of home audio. The recently launched Thunder 700 (S) and Thunder 800 (S) are just a taste of what's to come - powerful drivers, sleek designs, and bass that will shake the walls (pun intended).


Trolley Treats: The Portable Beats

Get ready to be the life of the party with Intex's trolley speakers! These portable powerhouses are perfect for bringing music anywhere, anytime. Set the mood at a picnic, liven up a beach day, or create an unforgettable atmosphere at a tailgate party.


Soundbar: A Cinematic Audio Symphony

Movie nights and TV marathons are about to get a serious upgrade with Intex's soundbars. These sleek soundbars discreetly sit beneath your TV, delivering rich, immersive sound that fills the room. Forget bulky surround sound systems – Intex soundbars offer a minimalist approach with big sound.


Innovation at its Finest

With the new speaker range, you can expect features like:

  • Wireless connectivity for seamless music streaming
  • Long-lasting batteries to keep the party going
  • Built-in lighting effects (hello, karaoke nights!) to set the mood


Sound for Every Budget

Whether you're a movie buff seeking cinematic sound, a party animal needing portable beats, or an audiophile yearning for room-filling power – Intex has you covered. The new speaker range promises something for everyone. Expect a symphony of sound that will enhance your entertainment!