Do's and Dont's


  1. Please check for the life-cycle of your product on the Product Information Booklet.
  2. Please speak on the mentioned Toll-Free Number for any query about your product take-back or recycle
  3. Please hand-over e-waste only at the designated collection centre of the Brand.
  4. Please make sure you earn incentive from the brand on handing-over e-waste the correct way.
  5. Please accumulate all unused electronic and electrical items only to be handed-over to the Brand or Registered Recycler.
  6. Please acknowledge buy-back and exchange program from the Brand.
  7. Please drop your scrap electronic parts, handed-back to you after replacement with the new part, at the e-waste drop box in the service centre.
  8. Please register that as an individual we all have Individual Responsibility towards the conservation of our environment.


  1. Please do not throw any electronics (including batteries) into garbage bin. It must be thrown only on designated bins with symbol
  2. Please do not sell e-waste to scrap dealers or unauthorised agents for little/some cash.
  3. Please do not dispose of e-waste in landfill or in pits as an ill-treasure for your next generation
  4. Please do not open unused electronics without expert supervision, as it can be hazardous.
  5. Please do not cut-open parts or components without brand representative’s supervision