Any electronic and electrical product or equipment which has been out of use due to a technical flaw, upgradation of technology or unforeseen damage, can be termed as e-waste.

This has been implemented in India for the first time, as per the new E-Waste (Management) Rules 2016, where Extended Producer Responsibility has been bestowed upon the Manufactures, basically companies producing or marketing electronics and electrical items under the respective brand name. Hence, the responsibility is on them to ensure the take-back from the consumer, after its end of life as described in the Rules to ensure proper management and disposition with a note to protect the environment.

Each stakeholder has a separate responsibility as per the E-Waste (Management) Rules 2016, the manufacture, the bulk consumer / Consumer, recycler etc. Now, that Bulk Consumers are enterprise or house of business which uses electronics in bulk for their course of business and hence is also under the rules to ensure compliance, till date for individual consumers there is no such compliance but as a key stakeholder, an individual should support the entire eco-system to ensure protection of the environment. And, is always recommended to encourage group, children, family, friends etc not to dispose e-waste in landfill or hand-over to scrap dealers or unauthorised vendors.

E-Waste can pose serious health concerns if not handled properly, metals used in an electronic or electrical product contains hazardous elements like mercury, lead, cobalt etc. If these materials come in contact with your health, in any form through air or water, can be life threatening. And, it is mandatory for all of us to hand-over or dispose e-waste through authorised recyclers or management companies only.

We have a detailed list of locations mentioned under the Collection Center tab as you can refer on our website, E-Waste Management > Collection Center

Intex has an excellent and one of the best incentive program in the industry. If you connect to deposit your e-waste with us through the mentioned contact details, you will be rest assured to receive freebies, vouchers, and hopefully privileged discount on brand products. Terms & Conditions Apply:

  • Hazardous Waste wont be collected
  • Only E-Waste to be acknowledged
  • Product should be radiation free
  • Product shouldn’t pose any hazard to handler or collector etc

It is open to all individual, anyone without Indian Citizenship but in the country for over three years can also apply.