LEDs with a difference

Advanced Plane Switching

  • A revolutionary technology exclusively for correcting pixel orientation on LCD screens.
  • Delivers wider viewing angle, great color fidelity with least color shift.
  • Its efficient, high energy saving serves well to reduce expenses.

Copper Bus Line Technology

  • A remarkable feature that enhances color quality for video, graphics and everyday applications.
  • A lower resistance material for faster and brighter signal transmission.

Over Driving Circuit (ODC)

  • A powerful new technology to eliminate motion blur.
  • Its lower response time facilitates a faster full white to black transition.

Column Spacer Technology

  • Technology that gives your screen improved picture quality free of ripples.
  • Armed with an attenuated phase shift, it ensures an improved contrast ratio.

In Your Control

  • Just a button to get your television to be Eye-safe.
  • Effortless control and access to the latest technology on your fingers.

Mega Contrast Ratio

Powered by an advanced design and Mega Contrast Ratio, imagine the stunning levels of picture quality that you get to experience on your screen.

And More

Screen Flickering

Specially designed for higher vertical refresh rate, so you enjoy flicker-free visuals.

Digital Filter

Eliminates excess noise in a picture, so that your visuals don't suffer any distortion.

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