UV2A HD Panel

UV Vertical Alignment Technology (UV2A)

Change the way you watch TV

Redefining the future of visual technology

Watch more, Consume less.
Welcome the Eco friendly future

High utilization efficiency of light can achieve
energy-saving high-brightness display to provide high
resolution crisp and clear visuals, consuming less power

High Brightness Display
Consuming Less Power
UV2A Technology Helps High Brightness Display and Consuming Less Power - Intex TV
UV2A Technology Lightning Fast Response Time

Lightning fast response time

Response time is less than 4ms, which is 2 times faster than normal. The U2VA technology is extremely good at fast action and 3D high speed response.

3D High Speed Response

Go Beyond the Conventional

Vivid contrast to enhance your visual experience. Don’t settle for anything but the best

Visual Comparison between UV2A Technology and Normal Technology

Productivity at its best

High productivity is achieved by simplifying the pixel structure, excluding the complex concave-convex part.

Simplifying the Pixel Structure
High Productivity is Achieved by Simplifying the Pixel Structure