The Storyteller

LED 3222

Intex Led 3222 HD Television

Listen To The Storyteller

Sounds make stories even more interesting.

Hear every sound in utmost detail with High Fidelity Stereo sound. Perfection delivered

LED 3222 HD with High Fidelity Stereo Sound

LED 3222 HD with Eye Safe-T Matrix

The Caring One

The storyteller knows how to drown you in entertainment yet keep your eyes safe.

With Eye Safe-T Matrix Technology, prevent your eyes from tiring and lag


The Stories Come To Reality

Engage yourself in entertainment. With 80 cm (32) HD panel let entertainment surround you!

Intex Led 3222 HD Television with 80 cm (31.5) HD display

Intex LED 3222 HD with Smart Power Saving Technology

Responsibly Entertaining

A technology that gives back.

With Smart Power Saving consume less power and save more

The stunning picture quality of the all new Intex LED 3222 TV will fill you with awe.

The 80 cm (32) HD panel, High Fidelity Stereo sound, Eye Safe-T Matrix Technology and Smart Power Saving technology make your experience truly astounding.

The new LED 3222 TV – every color has a story.

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