LED 3224

Experience A Revolution

Intex LED 3224 HD TV

Imagination and Beyond

Wish to live the visuals you witness? Live it up on mesmerizing 80 cm (32) High Definition LED Display where every colour unfolds imagination.

Intex LED 3224 with 80cm HD Display

Entertainment, a Notch Higher

Bring home a stunner! Let the Stereo Sound surround you with an
enthralling auditory experience. Sheer brilliance!

Intex LED 3224 with Stereo Sound

A Visual Delight

Give in to a visual treat that goes easy
on your eyes.
Eye Safe-T Matrix ensures a
breath-taking visual experience for
better viewing.

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Intex LED 3224 with Smart Power Saving

Empowering Happiness

Entertainment is no more expensive! Get the finest visuals without consuming more energy. The Smart Power Saving feature consumes less and delivers more.

Bring home a revolution with Intex 3224 HD LED TV. Live the visuals you witness on captivating 80 cm (32) HD Display that exhibits every single colour with precision. Top it up with a Stereo Sound that surrounds your senses with an enthralling output and lets you experience brilliance. Let your eyes enjoy their favourite visuals without any flickering with Eye Safe-T Matrix. What’s more in store for you? A Television that consumes less and delivers more! The Smart Power Saving feature ensures that the entertainment is easy on your pockets. The 3224 HD LED TV is truly a smart choice!

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