A Heavenly Experience

LED 3226

Intex LED 3226 HD TV

Splendour of sound

Build in Stereo sound system delivers each sound crystal clear. With Digital Noise Reduction, hear brilliance in every audio

Intex LED 3226 HD with Stereo Sound
LED 3226 HD Televison with Eye Safe T-Matrix Technology

Light on the eyes

With Eye Safe-T Matrix, give up the worry of your eyes getting tired or damaged.

Enjoy a safe tv watching experience


A colourful tale

Intex LED 3226 with 80 cm HD Panel

Every colour has a story to tell. Capture every word on a 80 cm (32) HD Panel
with technology and Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio.

Intex LED 3226 HD with Smart Power Saving Technology

More savings, more fun

With Smart Power Saving Technology, the LED aims to increase the entertainment and reduce the consumption of power.

The new Intex LED 3226 TV is a power packed entertainer for your home. 80 cm (32) High Definition panel brings your living room to life and keeps you engaged. Enjoy your TV watching time to the fullest with high quality Stereo Sound. Eye Safe-T Matrix Technology helps keep your eyes safe and avoids tiring. Experience entertainment at its best with the new LED 3226 TV.

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