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Turbo 210+

Unique Notification Light

A unique notification light

for calls and messages.

Vibration Vibration alert

Vibration alerts for calls and messages.

Intex Turbo 210+ with 2 HDMI and USB Ports


with battery saver.

Smart Control

Power off, erase contacts/ SD card data & phone reset through SMS.

Intex Turbo 210+ with 2 HDMI and USB Ports

Read / Write upto 23 Languages, Menu in 7 Languages.

Intex Turbo 210+

Play wireless FM

and enjoy music at ease.

Capture memories

with rear camera and save more with upto 64 GB SD card storage.

Vocal Dialer

Dial without an error as the phone speaks the number you dial.

Data protection

Lock your folder with password to secure your contacts and data.

Light up your way

with LED torch light

Screen Shot

Take Screen Shot of your important information, save and use.

6.09 cm (2.4), TFT Display.

Record incoming / outcoming calls automatically.

Stay Safe! Make emergency calls with SOS.

Intex Turbo 210+ with 127 cm FHD Display

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