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We take great pride in our product and want you to enjoy it just as much. That is the reason we are here at your service to help you with any difficulty that you face with it. Find a team professionally qualified yet friendly, all set to serve you at all times.

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Where can I buy Intex Uday accessories?

We provide Screen Protection guard & Flexible Clear Protection Cover in the box. Branded accessories from Intex are not available for purchase at retail stores.

How can I stop Intex Uday screen rotation?

You would need to first go to Settings, then Display and uncheck the option that reads Auto Rotate Screen in order to stop it. Or else, scroll down the notification bar from the main screen, and from there, tap on the icon of screen rotation to switch on/off the screen Rotation.

Where can I buy the Games?

Games are available for downloading from Play Store.

How to extend and maximize Intex Uday battery life?

Follow a few basic guidelines such as set your screen brightness level to minimum or auto, use BT, WiFi or WiFi Hotspot when required and turn them off when not in use, to prolong the battery life.

Does the Intex Uday support Javascript?

Android Supports JavaScript in its default browser Chrome.