Cancellation Policy

  1. Terms of cancellation


  • Cancellation before dispatch.
  •  A User is permitted to fully or partially cancel orders prior to its dispatch from INTEX.
  • Upon successfully placing an order on the and after INTEX has successfully handed over the Product(s) to its Logistic Partner the User will receive a unique tracking identity number, which will enable the User in tracking the status of delivery of the purchased Products.
  • Prior to the dispatch of the purchased Products, should the User decide to cancel the purchase, the User can do so by referencing the unique order identity number received by the User and requesting INTEX to process a cancellation by sending an email to
  •  Refund. In all events of cancellation prior to the dispatch of the purchased Products, INTEX shall initiate refunds in 10 to 15 business days from the date on which it received the request from the User.
  • In case of cash on delivery, the refund will reflect in the User’s bank account within such reasonable time (subject to the policies of the User’s bank in case of bank account/credit card refunds) from the date on which INTEX initiates the refund.
  •  In case of payment made through prepaid mode through any channel, the refund will be made to the original mode of payment. All refunds shall be subject to applicable charges as may be deducted by the User’s bank.
  • Cancellation after dispatch. We do not accept post-dispatch cancellation of orders.