IT-PB12K Poly-01


Intex IT-PB12K Poly-01 Power Bank

Let your device be power ready

With a massive Li-polymer battery of 12000 mAh, this power bank has the lifecycle to go for 500 times leaving with enough power to charge your devices as much as you want. Maestro of Ultimate Power!

Designed to be Yours

Sleek and compact design with a white body makes this power bank not only stylish but also easy to carry.

Because it is designed for you and to accompany you!

Intex IT-PB12K Poly-01 with Sleek and Compact Design

Options Without

Nothing will be limited when you get your hands on this striking power bank.
With unlimited power, it also comes with 2 USB ports and the compatibility to charge any of your favorite devices

Intex IT-PB12K Poly-01 with 2 USB Ports

Take it
Wherever you Go

Compact design and unlimited power makes this power bank your best travel buddy.

With an integrated LED light you can take it on camping trips, road trips or on vacation. Wherever you go it will go with you!

Brightness over

Now Your travelling experience will be a lightning one with a helpful partner, This device comes with inbuilt torch that never leaves you in darkness!

Intex IT-PB12K Poly-01 with LED Torch

Now your device is power ready every time with Intex IT-PB12K Poly-01 power bank! It comes with a massive Li-polymer battery of 12000 mAh which charge your phone easily and faster. Having more than 500 life cycles it promises great performance for the longer duration. The sleek and compact design with an integrated LED torch makes it your favorite travel partner as you can use it while camping or trekking. Giving you the power of multiple options is its compatibility with favorite devices and the 2 USB ports make it even more efficient. IT-PB12K Poly-01 power bank is the greatest choice when it comes to power banks.

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