Power for You!

Intex IT-PB 13K Power Bank

Power to Travel
around the World

A robust power bank with the battery of 13000 mAh is here to power your travel effortlessly.

Now when you are on the move you will be always full of power!

Made to Last

Designed to make your travel efficient, this power bank features 2 USB slots for more connectivity and fast charging of your gadgets.

Giving you the power to charge two devices simultaneously!

Intex IT-PB 13K with 2 USB Slots

Witness the World
without Worry

Fully protected and secure Li-ion Battery of this Power Bank is the best way to charge your smartphones, cameras and music players.

With more than 500 life cycles, this power bank is your best partner when you travel the whole wide world.

Behold the King of power Intex IT-PB 13K Power Bank is here! With its mighty and robust battery of 13000 mAh, it makes sure of giving you long lasting power to charge your favorite gadgets.

The sleek and simple design of this device is very efficient for travelling purpose and the 2 USB ports make the charging process easier and faster. Also they provide you great connectivity with the multiple gadgets of your choice like smartphones, cameras and music players.

The Li-ion battery and more than 500 life cycles of this device give you the pleasure of long lasting power in your hands. Go grab the IT-PB 13K power bank now for the effortless travelling experience.

Intex IT-PB 13K with 13000 mAh Li-ion Battery

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