Intex IT-PB20K POLY Power Bank

Power That Keeps You Going

Built In Li-Polymer Battery 20000mAh which is more durable, provides better charge retention, higher performance, and is also lighter and slimmer than a standard Li-ion battery. Charge smartphones, Tablets, Digital Cameras etc on the go!



Digital Cameras

Intex IT-PB20K POLY with 20,000mAh Li-Polymer Battery
Intex IT-PB20K POLY with 2 USB Output Ports

Faster Than the Fastest

With 2 USB Output ports, enjoy uninterrupted charging on two devices. Fast Charging input of the power bank helps it get charge faster so you step out worry free!

2 USB Output ports

Intex IT-PB20K POLY with High Quality Internal Circuits

Protection Is Better Than Cure

Your safety is the priority. With high quality
internal circuits, give away the worry.


Protection from
Overcharge & Over-discharge.

Input Over-voltage

Protection from
Short Circuit.

Protection from
Output Overcurrent.

Protection from
Incorrect Insertion.

Output Overvoltage

PTC Protective
Circuits for the Cell.

Style Never Takes A Day Off

All your accessories speak your style. Classy design, lively color combination, elegant looks and LED Indicator helps the power bank fit to your list of stylish accessories.

Intex IT-PB20K POLY with LED Indicator

Low battery of your smartphone is a constant worry? No more! Introducing Intex IT-PB20K Poly Power bank. 20000mAh power house supports not just your smartphones but also your favorite devices like MP3 players, Digital Camera etc.

With 2 USB ports, charge 2 devices simultaneously without a hassle. With fast charging input, get your power bank ready for an adventurous day almost in no time! The foremost priority is your safety. High quality circuits are Temperature Resistant and prevents Input Over-voltage, Output Overcurrent, Overcharge & Over-discharge, Short Circuit, Incorrect Insertion and Output Overvoltage. Up your style game with a classy design, lively color combination, elegant looks and LED indicator. Do we need to say more? Get your IT-PB20K Poly power bank right away!

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