Intex PB-16K Poly Power Bank

Level Up Your Adventure Game

Feed your wandering soul and go the extra mile with 16000mAh power backup to take your adventure a level higher.

Intex PB-16K Poly with 16000mAh Battery

For The Perfect Wanderlust

Do you love to explore the unexplored? So does your power bank!
An inbuilt torch accompanies you wherever you go.

Intex PB-16K Poly with an inbuilt Torch

The More
The Merrier

Make merry! The power bank provides two charging output ports that can charge other smart devices like MP3/MP4 Players, Tablets and Digital Cameras along with your smartphone. What’s the next travel plan?

An Adventurous Swag!

Wherever we go, we can’t leave our swag behind.

A power bank with looks so soothing, you’ll carry it everywhere!

Intex PB-16K Poly in Soothing Looks

Are you a frequent traveler? Are you someone who runs out of battery while traveling? No more! Introducing the all new Intex PB-16K Poly Power bank, the ultimate game changer. Let your soul wander to places without worrying about the battery in your smartphone.

16000mAh power backup suits the need of travelers perfectly! Enjoy the adventure thoroughly when the power bank with 2 USB output ports that not just charge smartphones but your other devices like MP3/MP4 Players, Tablets and Digital Cameras too! How about exploring a little more? Go on! An inbuilt torch is a partner in all the adventurous journeys you take.

Carry your swag wherever you go. A power bank with enthralling looks is what you need to add on your style game on a trip! So when are you planning your next adventure with PB-16K Poly Power bank?

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