Mini Package with Power of Freshness

Intex Mini Refrigerator RR061ST with capacity 48L

Smart Design for
Your Smart Household

Designed for smart household this mini fridge features a PCM finish which gives it endurance and a sturdy character.

The compact design of this refrigerator makes it even more welcoming to your household.

Smart Household RR061ST Mini Fridge

Health & Freshness

Easy to use vegetable crisper and wire shelf make your food stay fresh and healthy for longer.

The interior of this refrigerator is designed for longer duration use and retention of freshness to your food.

Store your Goods
Like Never Before

A mini fridge with the capacity of 48L helps you to store your stuff the way you want and makes the storage of food in the hot weather hassle-free.

Hassle Free Intex Mini Refrigerator RR061ST With Capacity 48L

Make the Investment
Smart like You

Cost-effective and efficient is what defines this appliance, made for home which understands the meaning of good savings and long-lasting appliance.

This season make a smart investment with Intex Refrigerator RR061ST. The PCM finish and sturdy design of this appliance makes it a great addition to your household as it is designed to last for years. This cost effective and efficient appliance designed for smart people and smarter homes. Hassle-free storage is provided with this 48L fridge that also features a vegetable crisper and wire shelves for better storage and greater freshness of your food. The freshness is guaranteed to you this season with Refrigerator RR061ST!

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