Mini Package for Great Freshness

Intex Mini Fridge RR101ST

Bring Home the
Mini-Size Freshness

A refrigerator designed for every household, it ensures long-lasting freshness for your goods.

The sturdy and attractive look of this fridge is due to its amazing PCM finish that gives it an endurance factor.

Mini Size Freshness Fridge RR101ST

Your Smart
Freshness Partner

Designed for your convenience this refrigerator is an appliance that knows the value of your money.

It is a smart appliance that is cost-effective and helps you to save on those big bucks.

Store what you want,
the Way you want

With the inclusion of vegetable crisper and wire shelf you have all the freedom to store your favorite food the way you want.
The material of refrigerator’s interior is designed in a manner to keep your food fresher for longer.

Interior Storage Mini Fridge Model RR101ST

Efficient Appliance
for Efficient Home

This refrigerator has a capacity of 90L and it is an efficient appliance for a smart household.

With its multiple shelf and racks as your storage options you can create as much space as you want.

Intex Refrigerator RR101ST Efficient Appliance

A small but efficient appliance for your household is here in the form of Intex Refrigerator RR101ST. With its sturdy design and PCM finish it is a great addition to every home and it is designed to last years with its property of endurance. It is an appliance that is designed for smart homes as it is cost effective and highly efficient. The glass made vegetable crisper and the wire shelf offers you great storage space and keeps the freshness of your goods intact. The 90L capacity of these refrigerator gives you the freedom of storage for your goods easily. Bring home the freshness with Refrigerator RR101ST now!

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