Explorience Filling Colors to
Your Imagination

Intex LED-SH3204 Smart TV

Panel size 80 cm (32)

Quad core
Graphic Processor

Redefining the
Entertainment Smartly

Your TV is transformed into your smart buddy with the introduction of quad core graphic processor with Android 4.4 as its OS.

The 80 cm (32) wide screen gives you the pleasure of enjoying live streaming and web surfing with amazing brilliance.

Intex LED-SH5004 with 80 cm HD Display

Experience the Power in Your Palm

Be it syncing your files or sharing memories, explore the limitless possibilities that you can hold in your palm.

Connect your smartphone to your Smart TV with Miracast feature

Intex LED-SH3204 with Miracast Feature

Play the Game like Never Before!

Intex LED-SH3204 with in-built Tennis Game

Sync your phone and get on with the game!

This TV comes with an in-built tennis game designed for entertainment of the whole family. Have a greater experience of a great game!

Intex LED-SH3204 Multilanguage and Apps Support

A Store for Non-Stop Entertainment

Multilanguage support and pre-installed games are there to give you a refined relaxation.

And when you can explore your favorite apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. on a bigger screen, your amusement will know no bounds.

Intex LED-SH3204 with Eye Safe-T Matrix Technology

The Best for Your Sight

Giving you the power of great sight is the Eye Safe-T Matrix technology making your TV essentially smart.

A fully loaded package that takes care of you and your enjoyment!

Plug-in and Choose your Amusement

Have the freedom to choose your way of amusing yourself with this Smart TV.

Connect your TV with any of your devices using inbuilt Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, 1 AV or 1 RJ45 and get on with the journey of limitless pleasure.

Intex LED-SH3204 with inbuilt Wi-Fi Feature



Get on with your long awaited full-fledged entertainment with Intex LED SH-3204! A marvelous design of modern technology, it features 80 cm (32) HD smart screen with Eye Safe-T Matrix technology to take care of your entertainment and your eyes. The brilliant sound of this TV set due to its high power stereo effect sound system is there to allure your senses. Giving you the freedom to customize your entertainment are the pre-loaded OSD games and multiple connectivity options of this TV plus the innovative technology of Miracast. It is the perfect smart TV with Android 4.4, quad core graphic processor. LED SH-3204 takes care of power efficiency with its Smart Power Saving Technology.


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