The Small Wonder

Intex MUZYK B20 BT Speaker

Defy the

If being normal is too mundane for you, here is a perfect speaker for you!

Carry your attitude the way you like it, anywhere, everywhere with this compact, portable and smart speaker.

Intex MUZYK B20 with Portability


Small is now powerful! Enjoy nonstop music for hours when 2200 mAh juice backs up your experience.

It comes with USB charging and power saving mode - if not in use, it automatically gets switched off after 15 minutes.

Intex MUZYK B20 with 2200 mAh Battery

Escape to Extraordinary

Running out of options is not the gen next’s way! Connect the speaker with any of your devices via USB/AUX/BT or enjoy randomness of music with Digital FM. Music just the way we like it! Isn’t it?

Intex MUZYK B20 with USB/AUX/BT Connectivity

Choice of

A sound accessory competent enough to please both eyes and ears.

The wireless BT streaming with lightweight design and a monochromatic finish of this speaker can woo almost anyone!

Intex MUZYK B20 with Monochromatic Design

Bring home the small wonder! Introducing the new Intex MUZYK B20 BT speaker with Android + iOS compatibility. The little maestro comes with wireless music streaming and is powered by 2200 mAh battery that comes with power saving mode, giving you the enlightened musical experience for hours. A small yet powerful musical accessory is all what you need when you’re up for some "me" time. Connect it with USB/AUX/BT or Digital FM for a gala time! Along with amazing sound output, what steals the show is the Monochromatic finish and elegant looks of MUZYK B20 BT speaker. Choose nothing but the best for you!

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