Muzyk B30

The Perfect Beat

Dance To Your
Own Beat

Are you someone who loves to be engrossed
in soulful music? This compact, portable and
smart speaker is designed for you! Carry your
world of music wherever you go as it comes with
wireless BT streaming.


Your Musical

No matter where you are, never run
out of options. Connect your speaker
with any device or simply go with
the flow with Digital FM. Good to know
it's Android + iOS compatible.

Yet Powerful

This musical wonder is backed by robust
4000 mAh battery which can be charged by USB to
keep your party rocking all night!
It comes with power saving mode- if not
in use, it automatically gets switched off after 15 minutes.

Amazing Is
Not Enough

A small and light speaker that ensures that
your style quotient doesn’t get compromised!
Sleek looks with Black and
Grey finish gets all the attention.

Intex MUZYK B30 with Black and Grey Looks

Rock the beats with the all-new Intex MUZYK B30 BT speaker. Dance to your own beat with the light weighted musical treat and carry awesomeness along! Don’t just go on its size. This musical wonder is backed by a powerful 4000 mAh battery that keeps the party alive for hours. Good to know it comes with USB charging and power saving mode - if not in use it automatically gets switched off after 15 minutes, making it attractively efficient. Connect it with USB/AUX/BT or Digital FM to enjoy the best of wireless music streaming. Give in to the good looks with good beats. It carries the style that you ought to flaunt! Grab the MUZYK B30 BT speaker for your kind of musical experience!

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