Wireless Sound Enhancer

Splendid Musical MUZYK B5 Speaker

Get the Best Sound
on the Move

With this portable, lightweight and superior quality sound output speaker you can carry your music anywhere. Ensure yourself a soothing sound experience anytime.

Portable Best Sound Speaker

Meet a Wiser Buddy

Get a buddy which will care more about saving power more than you do. The advanced technological device comes with Li-polymer rechargeable battery that automatically goes off after 15 minutes if no device is connected.

Now this is something clever!

Now Connectivity at a Higher Level

Enjoy your favorite music by connecting your device via AUX/BT/TF/FM to keep the music wave on.

Now experience something new as this device attains a new level of utility with Wireless Calling. Attend your important calls and disconnect the unwanted ones by just pressing the speaker button.

Connectivity at a Higher Level MUZYK B5 Speaker

In Sync with Gen Y

Keeping at pace with rapid technological change, this device comes with BT V4.0 updated version that ranges up to 10 meters.

Easy and understandable functions with three different LED lights of blue, green and orange make it a unique device. Now add more fun to hearing your favorite music.

Worry less, listen more! Introducing new Intex Muzyk B5 BT speaker that is smaller in size and light weighted that helps you to carry your music love anytime anywhere.

Now connectivity has reached a level higher with an option of attending your important calls without impairing your smartphone. Connectivity options like AUX/BT/TF/FM make it a better option to buy.

This speaker is quite wiser as it switches off automatically after 15 minutes if no other device is connected to it. Three different LED lights like blue, green and orange make this device a unique one. Bring your travel partner Intex Muzyk B5 home now!

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