Carry your World
of music with you

Now carry this little
Master in style

Experience your favourite music at any moment with updated BT version that ranges up to 10 mtrs.

The power output of 5W x 1 gives you an unparalleled musical experience.

Make your office meeting

Make your office audio meeting a successful one as this device comes with wireless calling option that helps you to connect with your Smartphone anytime.

Giving you a hassle-free access to your phone all the time!

Unite with every

Inputs like TF/FM/BT/AUX are the icing on the cake, making this musical device accessible to all. Let the music play non-stop.

Giving colors to your
charge status

Now get a 21st century device that comes with digital FM playability and digital controls that will make your smile a little wider.

The three types of LED colors (Blue/Green/Orange) let you know about the charge status of the device. With the power of its 400 mAh battery, let your musical quotient stay high.

Bring home the new futuristic device - Intex Pulse BS10 that will make your musical journey a long lasting one. Its light weight and plastic front bezel with metal mesh gives you an unparalleled style. Solve your problem of a conference call with its wireless calling option for a convenient usage. Now understand the language of colors with this speaker as it will notify you if your device needs charging. With digital FM playability and digital control, this musical wonder will make you smile wider. The multiple connectivity options and the 400 mAh battery will let you enjoy your music the way you want. Enhance your musical experience with Intex Pulse BS10.

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