DJ 25000
  • USB Playbility
  • SD Playbility
  • BT Connectivity
  • FM Playbility
  • AUX In
  • Dual Wireless Microphone

5 Brand Professional

Equalizer System

For powerful sound effect

DJ 25000

2 Way speaker driver system

30.48 cm (12”)x2 + Horn tweeter x 2

DJ 25000

Experience noise free

Crystal clear sound

With Deep Bass

DJ 25000

Take control

What are you in mood for today. Party night or a Sufi night?
The control is in your hands.

DJ 25000

Bring out the real music at all your parties

Party in style as we deliver the purest bass and sound this weekend with intex DJ speakers

DJ 25000

Connect & Play

Feel connected to entertainment with DVD, SD, USB, BT, FM, and get freedom to listen the music of your choice anytime.

Entertainment that never stops

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