Intex 2.1 XM BOMB SUFB Home Speaker

Up your Party game

Speaker-2.1 XM BOMB SUFB

Let the good times roll

Music is a perfect partner in celebrating every occasion. Let 2.1 Speakers with a power output of 50W + 18W x 2 take care great music output and rock the party.

Intex 2.1 XM BOMB SUFB with 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Connectivity to suit your mood

Jazz up your party with your favorite numbers by connecting the SD/USB/BT/AUX or listen to your songs on FM.

Intex 2.1 XM BOMB SUFB with USB Connectivity
Intex 2.1 XM BOMB SUFB with Surround Sound

Music as pure as your soul

Enjoy Distortion free music with the all new 2.1 XM BOMB SUFB Speakers. Surround sound output immerses you with the good vibes and touches your soul.

Take control

A fully functional remote control lets you lead the party. The music is yours, so is the choice!

Light up your gathering with the all new Intex 2.1 XM BOMB SUFB speakers that brings you closer to music. Immerse yourself in Distortion free Surround sound and let the musical notes take over you. A powerful 50W + 18W x 2 gives your party an extraordinary touch that shall make your guests drool! Get home an elegant and stylish set of speakers that speaks for your style!

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