Intex IT-212 SUFB

Sound Of Perfection

Intex IT-212 SUFB Home Speaker

Quality that stands apart

Awesome sound quality, excellent bass and treble balance to make your music listening experience truly unforgettable.

Perfect Design for Perfect Sound

With a stylish LED Display, smooth analog controls and smart digital controls, it’s a treat for the eyes as well.

Intex IT-212 SUFB LED Display

Clarity coupled with functionality

With music connectivity through USB/FM/SD/BT/AUX, play your jam in style. Connect your AUX cable with DVD/TV/PC and groove on.

Intex IT-212 SUFB with USB/FM/SD/BT/AUX Connectivity

Dance to the beats

Dance to those awesome beats and decide what to play from anywhere in the room with a fully functional remote control.

Intex IT-212 SUFB with Fully Functional Remote Control

The new Intex IT-212 SUFB home speakers are perfect to take care of all your music needs. The amazing sound quality with equally amazing bass and treble balance is a gift for the music lovers.

With a number of playability options to choose from: USB/FM/SD/BT/AUX along with a fully functional remote control, convenience will be the new norm.

A beautiful design and stylish LED Display makes the new IT-212 SUFB home speakers pure perfection.

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