5.1 XV
Craze SUFB

Surround Yourself With Brilliance!

Intex 5.1 XV Craze SUFB Home Speaker

Intex IT-5.1 XV Craze SUFB in Sleek & Elegant Design

Looks That You’ll Adore

A contemporary decor-friendly sleek and elegant design that blends well with your indoors & complements the surroundings

Ease of Connectivity

The impactful speakers offer an ease of connectivity where you can simply connect USB, SD, DVD, BT, PC, FM, TV, AUX to play songs that you love!

Intex IT-5.1 XV Craze SUFB with USB, SD, DVD, BT, PC, FM, TV, AUX Connectivity
Intex IT-5.1 XV Craze SUFB with 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Magnetic Surround Sound

5.1 Channel Multimedia speakers deliver a magnetic crystal clear surround sound without any distortion. Party mode on!

Dazzling LED Display

A dazzling LED Display that grabs the eyes & adds a spark to the minimal design of the vintage wooden woofers.

IT-5.1 XV Craze SUFB with LED Display

Party On Your Fingertips

A fully functional remote control so you can have the party on your fingertips. Play, Pause, Navigate, the music is in your hands!

Intex IT-5.1 XV Craze SUFB with Smart Remote Control

5.1 XV Craze SUFB provide finest of sound so you can surround yourself with brilliance. A Power Output of 20W + 8W x 5 to rock the party! Minimal elegant design, dazzling LED display adds up to modish looks. Control the party at your ease & be the party king!

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