Intex TW-XH 14001 GLO-FMUB Tower Speaker

Let The Music Take Over

Feed your musical soul!
Enjoy 6 way speaker sound with Dynamic clarity and let music take over the good times. Amazing Bass and Noise Free Sound System makes the occasion happier.
Party mode: ON!

Intex TW-XH 14001 GLO-FMUB with 6 Way Speaker Sound

Hello Awesomeness!

Enjoy connectivity on the go! With options like BT, USB and FM, keep yourself loaded with good music. Because music makes the mood happier. Give in to a happier self!

Intex TW-XH 14001 GLO-FMUB with BT, USB and FM Connectivity

Take The Musical Experience To A New Level

Lead the party with a fully functional remote control and be the boss. What’s more? A cordless MIC adds sugar, spice and everything nice! Pleasantly surprise your guest with your way too good singing skills.

TW-XH 14001 GLO-FMUB with Cordless MIC

Bring Home
The Ultimate Beauty

Be the talk of the town. Display with User control shall leave all your guests in awe. Fine looks and power to perform, isn’t it the perfect accessory for your home?

Intex TW-XH 14001 GLO-FMUB with User Control Display

Lift up your party mood with Intex TW-XH 14001 GLO-FMUB tower speaker set that feeds your musical soul. Enjoy nonstop music when 6-way speaker sound with dynamic clarity and noise free looks after your needs. Pump up the mood with powerful bass and dance to the groove. Connect with various options like BT, USB, AUX or FM which keep the music flowing. Step up and take the lead with a fully functional remote control. Wish to add more fun to the party? We've got you covered! A cordless MIC adds on to the fun and lets you surprise your guests. Multicolor Display lights shall surely grab the eyes of your guests and leave them wanting for more! The new TW-XH 14001 GLO-FMUB tower speaker is all about perfect looks and powerful performance. Ready to party?

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