Semi Automatic Washing Machine


Delightful Washing

Capacity 8.0 kg

Intex WMSA80CR Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Customized Care

It comes with three wash programs: Heavy, Normal and Gentle – select the one that suits the fabric of your clothes and gives them a clean and thorough wash.

The Auto Soak function makes sure that all your clothes get uniform soaking and better detergent action.

Experience Efficient Drying

Get your clothes dry in no time with the highly effective Turbo Dry.

It comes with 10 minutes Spin Timer for better spinning efficiency which helps greatly in reducing time for drying clothes.

Fabulous and Functional

A Rust Free Plastic Body, Transparent Lid and Two Stylish Colors: Cherry Red and Lavender, this Washing Machine is not only functional but also adds to the beauty of your home.

Intex WMSA80CR Semi-Automatic Washing Machine with Two Stylish Colors

Keep Them Soft
And Full Of Life

The Single Water Inlet along with the Lint Filter make sure that your clothes stay beautiful, soft and just like new.

Intex WMSA80CR semi-automatic washing machine with the Lint Filter

The all new Intex WMSA80CR Semi-Automatic Washing Machine makes your laundry experience a delight. With the turbo dry function, it makes sure that your clothes dry faster. The rust free plastic body with a transparent lid is as beautiful as it is functional.

Select from three washing programs according to your clothes’ need and with a range of other features like Auto Soak Function, Single Water Inlet and Lint Filter you get the perfect wash. With the new WMSA80CR Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, keep your clothes new and full of life.

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