Reform your washing from a Herculean
task to Hassle free errand

Powerful Machine
for Powerful Washing

A 6.2kg washing tub with a powerful motor will wash your clothes and worries away.

Now let the laundry sort out your life with one load at a time.

Hassle Free Washing

Now get your clothes cleaned with ease, as this washing machine features great wash quality and removes dirt from your clothes effortlessly.

It’s time to bring home this clothes friendly appliance!

Rough and tough

This washing machine features a sturdy, rust-free plastic body which will be your best laundry partner for years to come.
Its Dual Water Inlet makes your every laundry session a hassle free one.

Design that shines

Its design will make you fall in love with it. The appliance comes in attractive blue and red hues.
Its water level indicator will keep you updated about the water level in the machine, rendering a convenient washing experience like never before.

Let your laundry task becomes the easiest one with Intex WMSA62 Semi- Automatic washing machine, that provides you a smooth and economical washing experience. Cherish this home appliance that comes with a good wash quality and a powerful motor giving your clothes a perfect cleansing. Enjoy trouble-free washing for years as this home appliance comes with a sturdy, rust free plastic body that ensures to reduce your washing hassles. The dual inlet feature of this appliance makes your laundry session conveniently full of ease. Bring home the WMSA62 Semi- Automatic Washing machine for a worry-free washing.

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