Waste Collection

Intex Technologies (I) Ltd, has developed a standard procedure for collection and proper recycling of e-waste abiding all aspects of the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2017 and its amendments. For collection we have made an Internal Training Module to create/spread awareness across all internal and external consumers and even to our vendors / partners.

We also have collectively developed the PAN-India collection mechanism along with our appointed Producer Responsibility Organization, Re-Chakra. The PRO have been given clear mandate to collect e-wastes from respective states as per our internal process and channelize it to authorized dismantles and recyclers for environmentally sound recycling as required by the rules.

Any of your electronics sold by us on reaching its specified end-of-life timeline, as per the Product Catalogue / Product Information Docket please drop in an email or call the mentioned.

Intex Technologies (I) Ltd.

Customer Contact Number : 0120-4895555

E-mail ID : info@intex.in

Website : www.intex.in

Authorised PRO

Toll Free Number : 1800 103 1460

E-mail ID : info@cleantogreen.in

Website : www. cleantogreen.in