Exploring Intex Fixed Speed Split AC Range

Welcome to the realm of cool comfort, where innovation meets affordability. As summer unleashes its full fury, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate becomes paramount. Intex addresses this need with its innovative range of Fixed Speed Air Conditioners.


What Makes Intex ACs Better?


Blast a Cool of Fury

With Intex Fixed Speed ACs, you can count on consistency, ensuring your space stays cool even at a steady temperature. Activate the Intex AC's Turbo Mode for a power-chilled room and you'll experience a surge of cooling power.

A Perfect Fit for Every Space

We understand that cooling needs vary. That's why Intex offers a range of capacities, including compact 1-ton models for cozy bedrooms and powerful 1.5-ton variants for expansive living areas. No matter the room size, there's an Intex Fixed Speed Split AC to conquer the summer heat.

Breathe Easy, Breathe Healthy

Intex goes beyond just cooling. Our ACs are equipped with PM 2.5 filters, acting like tiny air bodyguards that capture harmful particles. Enjoy cleaner, healthier air for you and your loved ones – it's like giving your lungs a summer vacation.

Built to Last

Intex Fixed Speed ACs are built with durability in mind. They boast 100% copper coils, known for superior heat transfer and ensuring your AC stays a champion against the summer heat for years to come.


Invest in Cool Confidence:

With Intex Fixed Speed Split ACs, you're investing in more than just relief from the heat. Say goodbye to sweaty days and restless nights as we delve into a world where chilling out becomes a breeze.