We Began the Intex Story Exactly 28 Years Ago...

Mr Narendra Bansal, Chairman and Managing Director for Intex , envisioned the company 28 years ago with the sole aim of improving the quality of life of all Indians.

Today, he has achieved his goal with over 1 Billion Products sold!

In urban and rural India, millions of people from all walks of life and age groups use and love Intex products.

About Intex Technologies

Intex was incorporated in 1996 as India’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer that produces a wide range of products in the Consumer Durables, Speakers, IT Accessories, Smart Accessories.

As a renowned consumer electronics company, Intex has a range of premium products that cater to the needs of every individual based on their preferences.

The brand strives to become a global leader in technology-driven innovation which impacts the lives of all its consumers. By having a PAN India network of 1,000+ distributors, 50,000+ dealers, 500+ service touchpoints, and 10 warehouses they aim to provide every Indian with the finest of technology.

The visionary Chief Managing Director of Intex, Mr. Narendra Bansal, envisioned the company with the sole aim of improving the quality of life of every Indian by catering to their electronic needs. He also intended to provide employment services for the youth of India while providing superior after-delivery customer service, so that their consumers would always be satisfied.

Today he has achieved his goal with Intex emerging as a globally respected name after starting as a single-product manufacturer.

Intex, a staunch supporter of the Indian government's Make-in-India project, now maintains a full-scale manufacturing facility in Jammu. It was one of the earliest manufacturing businesses in India to have a fully operational state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jammu.

The company's operations are managed on a world-class collaborative business solution SAP, on a Virtual Private Network. Intex has its own CRM software that fully automates its processes. Intex is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Our Chairman & Managing Director

Narendra Bansal

Known for his business acumen, Narendra Bansal founded Intex as a brand that would provide affordable products to every district in India. As a man who has never stopped working to make his vision a reality, he envisioned employment services for the youth of India. He also focused on providing superior after-delivering customer services so that every consumer’s need is kept in check. He helped Intex emerge as a globally respected name.

Mr. Narendra identified the massive growth potential of IT hardware in India way back in the 1990s at a time when the manufacturing of IT products was a fledgling sector. He enabled Intex to gain a reputation in the country and form its own identity as a mass-market brand.

Awards And Achievements