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Carbon Black
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The new FitRist Active is designed to energise your lifestyle. Sporting a host of good quality features and must-have essentials, this will be your most favourite companion in everything you do. It is your ideal choice to keep a record and closely track your activities. With amazing features like BT calling, notification management for up to 10 apps, SpO2 sensor, activity tracker with 8 modes, pedometer, customisable watch faces, and IP67 water resistance, it is all you will ever need and more.

  • Full Touch Real Round Colourful Display
  • BT Call Feature with In-Built Speaker and Mic
  • Massive Standby Time of 45 days
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Blood Oxy Meter (SpO2)
  • 24*7 Heart Rate Detector
  • Multiple Sports Mode for your Training Sessions
  • 200+ Customizable Watch Faces
  • IP67 Splash and Dust Proof
  • Smart Notifications, Social Alerts on the Go
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep Tracking Analysis (Track your Deep & REM sleep)
  • Distance Tracker
  • Camera and Music Control on your Wrist
  • Find My Phone and Find My Smart Watch Feature
  • 12 Months Service Warranty


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About your fitRist Active

  1. Does the fitRist Active smartwatch have a full touch display?
    1. the fitRist Active smartwatch has a full 33mm touch display.
  2. What will happen if my fitRist Active smartwatch falls?
    1. Your fitRist Active smartwatch is not shockproof. Please keep it safely as it might get damaged if it drops from a height.
  3. Can I wear my fitRist Active smartwatch while swimming? Is it waterproof?
    1. Your fitRist Active smartwatch has an IP67 rating, which basically means that you can immerse it for at most 30 minutes in water. You can wear your smartwatch in the swimming pool, but avoid using it while you swim.
  4. Can I capture pictures with my fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. Your fitRist Active smartwatch has an inbuilt remote shutter, which when paired with your smartphone allows you to control your phone camera and click pictures.
  5. How many app notifications can I see on my fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. Your fitRist Active smartwatch allows you to sync and check up to 10 app notifications including WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and many others as long as the notification feature is on and the Bluetooth is synced properly.
  6. Can I use my phone’s dialer from my fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. When paired successfully, your fitRist Active smartwatch acts like your phone dialer. You can access your contacts, dial any number, answer or reject incoming calls, and even talk through the inbuilt speaker and mic.
  7. Can the fitRist Active smartwatch be tracked using my phone?
    1. Yes, if your devices are paired and within the Bluetooth range, then a feature on the fitRist Active app on your smartphone when switched on, allows you to track your device easily.
  8. What is the Bluetooth version on the fitRist Active smartwatch and what is the range?
    1. The fitRist Active smartwatch has the v5.1 BT with a range of 10 metres.
  9. Can I connect both, my BT audio devices and my fitRist Active smartwatch at the same time?
    1. Yes, both your BT audio devices and fitRist Active can be paired with your smartphone at the same time. 
  10. Can I play and store music on the fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. Your fitRist Active comes with a remote music control feature that allows you to control the music you are playing on your phone if both the smartwatch and smartphone are connected using the Bluetooth feature. However, your fitRist Active cannot store music. 
  11. Does your fitRist Active smartwatch have an always-on feature?
    1. No, the fitRist Active smartwatch does not have an always on feature.
  12. How many watch faces does the fitRist Active smartwatch have?
    1. Your fitRist Active smartwatch has 4 inbuilt watch faces and over 200 watch faces on the fitRist Active app on your smartphone.
  13. How can I change the watch face on my fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. On the home screen of the fitRist Active smartwatch, you can press and hold the screen which will give you the option to swipe and change the watch face from the 4 inbuilt options. To access the other options, you can select the corresponding function on the fitRist Active app and change it.
  14. How can I adjust the brightness of my fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. You can go to Settings > Brightness and adjust the brightness as per your liking and also, on the home screen, you can swipe down to access the control centre and over there you can tap the brightness icon and adjust the same.
  15. How do I use the stopwatch feature on my fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. Your fitRist Active smartwatch comes with a stopwatch that can be accessed by going to Settings > Stopwatch. You can switch it on, pause, and reset it easily using the multiple options.
  16. What are the various health sensors on the fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. Your fitRist Active smartwatch has a BP monitor, a Heart Rate monitor, a SpO2 tracker, and a pedometer.
  17. What are the accessories included with the fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. The fitRist Active smartwatch comes with one user manual and magnetic charging cable.
  18. What are the various colours available for the fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. The fitRist Active comes in three exciting colours – carbon black, military green, and slate grey.

Starting the Device

Battery and Charging

  1. What is the battery size and standby time?
    1. The fitRist Active smartwatch has a 220mAH battery that has a 7-day battery life and a 45 days standby time. The standby time is the maximum tested time that a single charge will last when the smartwatch is used as a regular watch.
  2. How much time does the fitRist Active take to fully charge?
    1. The fitRist Active smartwatch takes 2 hours to fully charge via the magnetic strip at the base of the watch which connects with the magnetic cable on the charging wire.
  3. How can I extend my fitRist Active smartwatch’s battery life?
    1. You can make sure your battery lasts longer by optimally reducing the brightness of the watch and also keeping the 24*7 Heart Rate monitor turned off.
  4. Which adaptor should I use to charge my fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. Only use a low power adapter or plug in your cable into a laptop or PC USB port. Avoid using a fast charger as it may damage the smartwatch in the long run.

App and Syncing

  1. What is the name of the app?
    1. You can search for fitRist Active on the Google play store.
  2. How can I manage my fitRist Active profile?
    1. You can manage your profile from the app. Open the App, go to Settings > Profile and manage your profile.
  3. How do I track my workouts with my fitRist Active app?
    1. When you sync the watch and the app, you get a daily report of the kinds of activities you do when you open the fitRist Active app.
  4. How does the fitRist Active sync data?
    1. The fitRist Active app and smartwatch syncs data over a Bluetooth connection between the two devices.

Alerts and Notifications

  1. Does the fitRist Active show notifications from social networking apps?
    1. fitRist Active smartwatch shows push notifications from up to 10 social networking apps.
  2. Why isn’t fitRist Active receiving notifications from my phone?
    1. It is happening due to there being no connection between your smartwatch and phone. Please check the Bluetooth connection and make sure that alerts are turned on in the app.
  3. Can my fitRist Active access both my messages and incoming calls on the smartwatch?
    1. Yes, when your app and phone are within the Bluetooth range and synced, you will be able to see your messages and caller info.
  4. How can we see the caller information?
    1. Turn on the call notification feature on the app to see incoming call information on your smartwatch.
  5. Can I read incoming messages on my fitRist Active or will I only receive message notifications?
    1. You will be notified of new messages on your fitRist Active once it is connected with the app. You can read both, new messages as well as previously received messages.

Health and Activity Sensors

  1. What is the function of SpO2?
    1. The SpO2 monitor measures the oxygen level in your blood.
  2. How do I track my heart rate with my fitRist Active?
    1. The fitRist Active smartwatch can detect heart rate both manually or automatically. You can track your heart rate with app.
  3. Does it have a Pedometer?
    1. Yes, your fitRist Active comes with an in-built pedometer.
  4. Can I set hydration reminders on my fitRist Active smartwatch?
    1. Yes, you can set hydration reminders on your smartwatch and also set the frequency as per your requirement.
  5. What activities can my fitRist Active smartwatch track?
    1. The fitRist Active smartwatch has 8 activity trackers like walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, and swimming. It can keep daily, weekly, and monthly records.
FitRist Active Smart calling SpO2 Watch

FitRist Active Smart calling SpO2 Watch

Carbon Black
Military Green
Slate Grey