Breeze 50 (White & Grey)

Air Cooler

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Manufacturing information
This Intex air cooler has a water tank of 50 litres and cost-efficient woodwool cooling pads. It has an auto fill water tank with a float valve and cools till a distance of 40 feet. It consumes less power and can work even if you use an inverter. It provides protection against motor thermal overload and a motorised vertical louvre movement.

  • Water Tank of 50 Litres
  • Cost Efficient Woodwool Cooling Pads
  • Auto Fill Water Tank with Float Valve
  • Cools Long Distances Upto 40 Feet
  • Upto 2000 Cubic Meters Wide Angle Air Delivery
  • Motorised Vertical Louvre Movement
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Inverter Compatible
  • Motor Thermal Overload Protection



1. What is the distance to which the air cooler Breeze 50 cools?

The Breeze 50 cools up to a distance of 40 feet. It has up to 2000 cubic metres of wide-angle air delivery.

2. What is the water tank capacity of the Breeze 50 air cooler?

The Breeze 50 has a water tank capacity of 50 litres. It has an auto fill water tank with a float valve.

3. What are the special cooling features of this air cooler?

The Breeze 50 air cooler consumes less power, is inverter compatible, has a motor thermal overload protection, and has motorised vertical louvre movement.
Breeze 50 (White & Grey)

Breeze 50 (White & Grey)