Buying Headphones Online? Read This First!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a music aficionado with a great collection of music is always in search of an excellent audio device to up his listening game. Well, we are sure that we all fall in this category and the one place where we all search for the most suitable audio devices is actually online! With the world moving to buying everything online after extensive research and going through multiple websites for the best deals, buying your perfect piece of headphones (any kind) is done online. 

For a large section of our society, music is the common factor that binds us all and they spend countless hours searching for their ideal match when it comes to audio listening devices. Time and again, research has proven that music tends to bring about a sea change in the lives of people. It helps them calm their frayed nerves, impresses their emotions, and also gives them the required energy to go about a seemingly normal day! So, it is no doubt that then to enjoy music, the device you hear it on matters a lot too. Whether it is speakers or headphones, the perfectly designed product with the latest configurations and looks is what you need before investing in them.  

So, let’s see below what all needs to be kept in mind when you are looking to buy headphones online 

1. Type of Headphones – There are multiple kinds of headphones and if you want to know the ideal one, you should know the exact purpose for which you want it. The various kinds are:

a. In-Ear Headphones – These are the most commonly available headphones and are used by almost everyone out there. It is ideal for long journeys and your daily commuting.

b. Over-Ear Headphones – These are the best, when it comes to headphones. The over ear design is comfortable and ideal for you to enjoy noise cancellation and amazing sound output

c. On-Ear Headphones – These kinds of headphones fit right above your ear and can be used while gaming!

2. Connectivity – With Bluetooth technology expanding at an exponential rate, no doubt it is the most important thing you should check before investing. Usually, Bluetooth has a 10m range and you should check that before buying yourself a pair. These days, infrared or NFC connectivity is also becoming popular in which you just need to tap the headphones to your audio playing device and it will be connected.

3. Noise Cancellation Features – Most headphones give the user a greater experience of listening to their favourite music and block out the outside, unwanted noise. This is known as the noise cancelling feature of the headphones and it helps the audiophiles enjoy an elevated music experience. So, always keep this in mind when you search to buy headphones online. Noise cancellation is the most appropriate and important feature to keep in mind and only when you are satisfied with it should you buy it.

4. Configuration and Comfort - You should always keep in mind the design aspects of the headphones that you are planning to buy. For on-ear and over-ear headphones keep in mind that no two human ears are alike so comfort needs to be kept in mind. For in-ear headphones, always prefer to use the ones with smaller buds so that these can comfortably sit in your ear for a long time.

The above pointers were all for the looks. Let’s now come to the technical aspects of headphones that you must adhere to: 

1. Drivers – The audio drivers or drivers are one of the key aspects of a pair of headphones and it should be looked at thoroughly before you go ahead and buy headphones online. Their major role is to convert electrical signals to audio signals so that the music reaches you smoothly. There are a variety of drivers depending upon the type of headphones these are being fitted into. These can range from dynamic drivers, balanced drivers, planar magnetic drivers, and electrostatic drivers. While most headphones use only one kind of driver, there are a few headphones that have a combination of the drivers, which is known as hybrid drivers. Usually, it is said that the bigger the driver, the better the sound output is. So, depending on your requirement, go in for headphones with a better driver size.

2. Sensitivity – When a speaker clearly converts the electrical power into acoustics, that is known as sensitivity. As is the case with drivers, the higher the sensitivity, the better is the sound output and it is all the better for you since you get to enjoy an unparalleled experience. Also, if the sensitivity of your headphones is higher, the better it is for the drivers as well as without using a lot of power, you get to enjoy a higher quality of music. It is measured in dB/mW and usually anything around 110 dB/mW is considered to be ideal. Any headphones below 85 dB/mW should be clearly avoided as it will only lead to a poor experience. 

3. Frequency Response – If you are one who likes music with bass, then the ideal headphones for you are the ones with a better frequency response. A frequency response refers to the range of frequency a headphone can deliver. The lower limit is the bass sound and the upper limit is the treble. Most headphones available online work in the 20Hz – 20,000 Hz frequency response. If you like your music with more bass, then go in for headphones that support a wider range of frequency response.

The baseline is that do not go in for looks while selecting headphones online. A whole lot of other factors and the technical specifications are what make up a really good pair of headphones. And, if you are looking for the best, then Intex is the place to be. You can check out our collection here: Intex has a whole range of headphones, neckbands, wired earphones, and even the latest rage, TWS. So, go ahead and invest in only the best from Intex!